Innovative wound management with cold plasma

Innovative wound management with cold plasma

Effective !

99.9 % germ reduction

  • RAccelerated wound healing
  • REven with resistant germs
  • RStudy-based

Fast !

Short application time

  • RShort treatment time
  • RModular system
  • RPatient-friendly

Simple !

In the application

  • RIntuitive operation
  • RSafe battery operation
  • RDelegable

Painless !

In the treatment

  • RNo tissue contact
  • RRelieves itching
  • RRelieves pain

Areas of application

“Wherever wound healing disorders are a problem, physical plasma can help.”

  • PPostoperative
  • PInfected & chronic wounds
  • PFor wound healing disorders

User video

  • NIntuitive operation
  • NSafe battery operation
  • NCompact design
  • NNo external gas source required

Users report

New standards in wound care

Our facility sets standards in wound care. We implemented the wound watch developed by Anke Bültemann and myself in 2010 as standard. I have been using plasmaONE specifically in wound treatment for several years.

Indications for plasma treatment are osteomyelitis, diabetic foot, fistula wounds and gram-negative foot infections. PlasmaONE has established itself as a very good supplement to conservative therapy. It has no side effects and is well tolerated. We see rapid treatment success for our patients. This is reflected in patient satisfaction and shorter stays in our facility.

The potential of this therapeutic procedure is very large and has not yet been extensively researched and used. I would like to see PlasmaONE finding its way more to colleagues in private practice and also gaining greater acceptance among our cost bearers.

Can I recommend PlasmaONE ? – a very clear “YES”.

~ PD Dr. med. Gunnar Riepe

Chief Physician Wound Medicine & Head of the certified Wound Center Mittelrhein

Reduction of antibiotics

We would like to use the device mainly to make the use of antibiotics a little more sensible, also to reduce the use and prescription of antibiotics overall. In particular for immunocompressed patients or patients on certain medications, such as bisphosphonates, and wherever wound healing disorders are to be expected, we would like to promote the use of the device to prevent this.

November 2022

~ Dr. med. dent. Ann-Kristin Westphal

Dentist from Saxony-Anhalt

For chronic infections

In our practice, plasma therapy is used for superinfected, chronic, poorly healing wounds, wound healing disorders, ulcers on the lower leg, chronic venous insufficiency, but also for herpes simplex virus infections or pyoderma bacterial infections. And we have also had good experiences with it, it is well accepted by patients and we are very satisfied with it. We will continue to carry out and expand the treatment.

~ Dr. med. Andreas Lueg

Specialist for skin and sexually transmitted diseases

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